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I'm Imma Batallé, and I'm here to take your sustainable brands’ message across borders.

Communicate your message in Spanish or Catalan with my linguistic services.

I believe we all have a part to play in the fight against climate change, and I’m playing mine with my translation services.

Want everything about your company to be ethical, down to the translations?

Imma Batallé Traductora Correctora Alemán Freelance Lleida

Ever commissioned a translation and been disappointed with the results?

Perhaps it was poorly written, the original text was misunderstood or your instructions weren’t followed.

And perhaps as a result, you had to send it to another professional, despite the delay and the additional investment involved. 

These situations are frustrating and can mean a project ends up costing far more than expected.

And if the text is ever published, it can take a huge toll on your brand.

During my time as a translation professional, a lot of clients have trusted me to resolve situations like this, because they know I can offer them an in-depth analysis of what went wrong, as well as either an impeccable revision or a new translation.

If you’ve decided to launch your products in a spanish-speaking country, think your texts would benefit from being revised by a language professional or need linguistic consultation, then book a free 30-minute call with me.

Tell me about your business and your goals, and I’ll help you nail down your linguistic and translation needs.

How can I help?

You can find a list of my core services below.

Whichever service you need, you can rest assured I’ll always take cultural aspects into account,
as well as any words or expressions you prefer, or want to avoid.


I’ll translate your texts from English and German into Spanish or Catalan. I also work from Spanish into Catalan, and vice versa. Here’s everything you need to know about how it works.


I’ll make sure your translation is both correct and faithful to the original in either Spanish or Catalan.


Let’s ensure your Spanish or Catalan text is linguistically accurate, well written and easy to read.

I specialise in fashion and technical translations, specifically renewable energy, automotive, electrical engineering and machinery.

Here’s a list of the texts I handle most often:

• Translation for the fashion industry: product descriptions for printed and online catalogues, product or collection presentations, technical characteristics of products, labels, product maintenance instructions, newsletters, etc.

• Technical translation: technical specifications, product descriptions, user manuals, installation guides, repair manuals, technical articles, etc.

Sworn translations

I’m a sworn translator for German to Catalan, and vice versa, accredited by the Generalitat of Catalonia (n.º 1263).

Whether you want to get a bureaucratic process done and dusted quickly as possible or there are official language barriers standing between you and continuing your project, I’ll accurately and comprehensively translate and stamp the documents you need to present to the authorities.

Academic certificates


Residency certificates

I can deliver your translations in digital format (signed digitally) or in paper format, depending on your needs.

If you need them printed, I’ll do so using recycled paperUnless you need them urgently, I’ll send them using non-urgent tracked post, as it’s better for the environment.

If you need to present the document in Catalonia, remember Catalan is the official language and sworn translations in Catalan are valid for presentation to official organisations.

Why work with me?

When you choose to work with me on your translation or revision, you’ll benefit from the services of a professional with over a decade of experience, who:

• Shares your values.

• Is a translation professional with in-depth training.

Has lived abroad and knows different cultures.

Is detail-oriented and treats your texts with care.

Always delivers on time.

My most significant projects

Translation from English to Spanish

Book extract Knits from Northern Lands from the publisher Librero.

Traducción instrucciones de uso Inglés a Español Imma Batallé
Traducción certificado formación profesional DE a Catalán Imma Batallé

Translation from Catalan to German

Sworn translation Catalan to German of a professional training certificate.

Translation from German to Catalan

Sworn translation from German to Catalan of a letter confirming a PHD.

Traducción doctorado DE a CAT Imma Batallé
Traducción del alemán al español Extracto del libro Este capitalismo tampoco es la solución de la editorial Fuera de ruta Imma Batallé

Translation from German to Spanish

Book extract Kein Kapitalismus ist auch keine Lösung from the publisher Fuera de ruta.

A little more about me

Imma Batallé Traductora Correctora Alemán Freelance Lleida

When I was five years old, my teacher told my parents I had a good ear for languages. And for good reason!

At fifteen, I started studying German and travelled abroad for the first time.

Berlin was a whole new world for me. I didn’t know it then, but that trip was the first step I would take towards studying translation and interpreting, and everything that would come after that: periods spent in Berlin and Hamburg, all kinds of trips, a masters in translation, new technologies and ongoing learning, and then another in translation for the fashion industry, both from AulaSIC.

As a teenager, I also developed a strong sense of empathy and justice, both of which still play a big part in the way I live my life today.

I’m an ethical vegan and I try and keep my environmental impact to a minimum.

That’s why I want to use my translations and revisions to help fashion and energy companies build a more sustainable world.

Companies with values deserve to thrive, but they’ll only do so if they’re armed with texts and communications that are as carefully crafted as the products and services they offer.

I know what your ideal clients want, because I am one myself.

A quality text means your brand makes a good impression, and helps you get your message across in the right way.

A careful translation will have the same effect on the client as the original does.

With translations, reviews and linguistic consultancy provided by someone who shares your values, your company will stand out and your positive impact will reach even further.

Firma Imma Batalle Traductora Freelance 2023 Lleida
Imma Batallé Traductora Correctora Alemán Freelance Lleida

My process

Here’s a detailed explanation of what my full translation service looks like. This can, of course, always be adapted to your needs.

  • When I receive the text, I analyse it, prepare a quote and propose a delivery date. Once that’s been accepted, the translation process begins.

  • I analyse the format of the documents and read them through carefully to establish what type of text they are, who they’re aimed at, the style and any potential difficulties.

  • I prepare the text for translation using a computer assisted translation tool (normally SDL Trados Studio). I create a specific translation memory for each client, that I’ll reuse every time I work with them. That means every text I work on will always be consistent and coherent.

  • I also create a termbase made up of any terms that crop up repeatedly and might cause confusion. I save any parallel or reference texts in a specific folder, so I have them to hand at all times, and then get started on the translation itself.

  • Once the translation is finished, it’s important to let it rest for a while (a day is plenty), so I can snap out of translation mode and start the revision with fresh eyes.

  • I do an initial revision using the translation tool, comparing it with the original text to pick up on any mistakes and anything that’s imprecise or inconsistent. I then take another close look at the final document to correct the style, punctuation, spelling and typography.

  • Lastly, I use certain tools to double check that everything is up to standard, and the document is ready for delivery!

  • But there’s still work to be done. To round things off, I update the translation memory with any final changes made outside the translation tool, and I’m always on hand to answer any questions the client might have.

What my clients have to say about me

Let's talk

An email, a call, a WhatsApp message…

You choose. There are lots of ways to contact me. If you send me a message, I’ll get back to you within two hours.

Here’s the form and my contact details.

Speak soon!

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